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Water isn’t really something we think about. We pay our annual water rates and that’s about it. But if you’re moving house you need to find out who supplies water and sewerage to your current home, settling the bill and determining who your new water provide will be. It’s just a matter of information; unlike gas and electricity, you have no say over who your water supplier is.

Steps to moving your water account

  1. Notify your current water and sewerage supplier (in some cases this can be two separate companies) that you’re moving and give them your forwarding address so they can send you a final bill.
  2. Contact your new supplier(s) either on day you move in or earlier if possible, giving them the date you’ll be responsible for the water costs.
  3. If either your old or new properties have water meters, check the readings on the day you move or arrange for someone to come out and read them.
  4. Set up payment for your new water bill. Most water companies accept an annual payment in advance or monthly instalments.

If you’re unable to find out who your new water supplier is from the past owner or the estate agent, visit the Consumer Council for Water website.

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Top Tip


If you don’t have a water meter, consider getting one installed. Water meters mean you are only charged on actual rather than estimated usage.


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