Moving Day  

Taking the stress out of changing address

It’s finally here. The day you’ve been longing for and dreading at the same time. Moving day can be one of the most stressful days of your life. So follow our guide to make the big day as hassle-free and exciting as it should be.

Moving home is thirsty work

And it can make you pretty hungry too! As your fridge will probably have to be disconnected and coffee machine packed on the day of the move, arrange to have refreshments easily available for moving day. Make sandwiches in advance, buy fruit and have bottles of water to hand. Make a flask or two of tea, coffee or soup. And remember you’ll need refreshments at the other end so keep tea, coffee, snacks, long-life milk, cutlery, plates and a kettle together in a clearly-labelled box.

Organisation is key

If you’re using a removal firm for moving day, provide them with a floor plan of your new property so they know exactly which room to place the boxes and furniture in as they unload. And, talking of key, make sure they have access to your new home.

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Beds and zeds

Moving is tiring and chances are you’ll just want a good night’s sleep at the end of moving day. Keep your bed linen in a box that travels with you so that you can find it easily that first night. Also include towels so that you can have a bath or shower at the end of what could be a dusty, dirty day.

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Be the last to leave

On moving day, stay in your old home until the very last item is packed and on the van. It’s up to you to ensure that all your belongings are taken away. Be sure to make a final inspection before the removal van leaves. It is also a good idea for you and your removal team leader to have a clear agreement about the condition of your furniture. You might even want to take photos. This will help back up your claim for anything damaged in transit..

We’d advise leaving your phone connected throughout the day you move – or at the very least, have your mobile to hand. Once the removal firm has left and you’re ready to follow, make sure your phone is easily accessible for when you arrive in your new home.

Keep keys and important documents, such as deeds, ownership papers, passports, driving licences and birth certificates, with you at all times. Don’t pack them away.

Before you set off for your new home, check that gas, electricity and water supplies are switched off at the mains, and windows and doors are fastened securely.

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On arrival at your new home

Make sure all the items and fixtures and fittings that were included in the sale are present and correct. If anything is missing, contact your solicitor as soon as possible.

If you find any major faults with the property that were missed in the survey, alert your surveyor at the first opportunity.

Take meter readings and check that electricity, gas, water, heating, phone and intruder alarms work.

And, finally...

... relax! Forget about unpacking for the night, open that bottle of champagne and make a toast to your new home.