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Minimising your environmental impact, maximising your money

If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint and fretting about your bank account, read our energy-saving guide.

Turn the lights off

It’s so easy to do, so why do we find it so difficult? Get into the habit of switching off lights when you exit a room and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll save on your electricity bills.

Say goodbye to standby

In the UK, we waste the equivalent of two power stations worth of electricity every year by leaving televisions and other electrical gadgets on standby. If you’re not using it, switch it off.

Get insulated

As well as keeping you snug and warm, home insulation will save you money. Around half of the heat lost in a non-insulated home is through the walls and loft. Loft insulation could save you about £60-£70 a year. Cavity wall insulation can take less than three hours to install and you’ll recoup your money within three to five years. Indeed, if every household in the UK had cavity wall installation, over £960 million of energy would be saved each year.

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Go solar

Solar power allows you to generate your own income as well as your own renewable energy. And, with the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme, there’s never been a better time to invest in solar electricity or solar water. Solar power saves you money, makes you money, adds value to your property and is great for the environment.

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Top Tip


Fitting an insulating jacket to your hot water tank can reduce heat loss by around 75%. For an outlay of approximately £10, you’ll save around £10-15 a year.


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