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Finding your way through the legal minefield

Whether you’re buying or selling a property, it’s vital that you have a conveyancer lined up and ready to go from the moment you make or accept an offer. It’s the first thing that your estate agent will look for. Here’s our guide on appointing and choosing the right conveyancer for you.

What does a conveyancer do?

Some people think they can undertake their own legal work, but unless you have in-depth knowledge of property law, it’s a false economy and can lead you into a huge amount of pitfalls and difficulties. This is what your conveyance will do for you:

  • Conducting local searches
  • Liaising with Land Registry
  • Managing stamp duty and the collection of funds
  • Drawing up contracts
  • Providing legal recommendations

There are three things to consider when appointing a conveyancer: price, service and location.

Is the price right?

We recommend you get three quotes before you choose your property solicitor. Some conveyancers charge a fixed free; others charge a percentage of the property’s value.

Remember to factor in additional charges, known as disbursements. These include postage, paperwork and VAT. Furthermore, conveyancers will charge extra for complex issues that may take more time than anticipated so do budget for contingencies.

Don’t necessarily go for the lowest quote; you really do get what you pay for. A cheap quote may mean that the conveyancer is handling a lot of jobs at one time and you won’t get the quality of service that you require.

Service is key

Buying or selling a home is an important event in anyone’s life. You need things to run as smoothly as possible. Therefore, it’s critical to appoint a conveyancer who will give you the quality service you need. Make sure you trust them and understand what they’re saying. The legalities of buying or selling a property are complex and you need to work with a conveyancer who takes the time to explain details in layman’s terms. Whether the property you’re buying or selling is worth £100,000 or £1,000,000, you need to be assured that you’ll get the same high level of service and attention. Get recommendations from friends or family who have been through the house-buying or house-selling process.

Location, location, location

Property laws in England and Wales are different to those in Scotland and lease arrangements differ throughout the UK. It will save you time and money if you appoint a local property solicitor who will know the local property laws and leaseholds.

Choosing a conveyancer close to you means you can deliver or collect documents in person. This can save a great deal in time and expenses.

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Top Tip


Contact your conveyancer the moment you know you want to bid for a property. They can get ahead of the game by registering your interest with the selling agent and prepare a written offer in good time.If you are dependent on funds from selling your current home to buy your next property, make sure you have a binding contract for the sale first.


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