Change Car Details

Motoring towards your move

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Be fully insured

Notify your car insurance company of your change of address. Your premium is likely to change with your new postcode and if there is any change to your parking arrangements. You may also be charged for updating your existing policy so it’s worth shopping around for a cheaper quote before you commit to staying with your current car insurer.

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Inform the DVLA

When you move home, you need to update your driving licence and your Vehicle Registration Document.

You can update your driving license online on the DVLA website  or by sending it to DVLA for amendment. This is a free service unless your driving license is up for renewal.

Update your car ownership documents by completing the change of address section of your registration certificate (V5C) and returning it to the DVLA for amendment.

Failure to inform the DVLA with your change of address within a reasonable period of time can result in a £1,000 fine so make sure you don’t leave it until the last minute!.

Avoid a breakdown

Notify your car breakdown provider, such as the AA, RAC or Green Flag , of your new address. This is particularly important if you home start is included as part of your cover.


Remember to return any parking permits to your local council and to apply for a new parking permit for your new address .

Top Tip


A breakdown on your moving day is the last thing you need so, get your car serviced prior to the move, this is even more important If you’re moving some distance away.


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