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Staying online is easier than it seems

Out of all your utilities, moving your broadband can be the most frustrating, especially when you also have to move your landline provider. Take a deep breath, stay calm and let our guide take away some of the pain.

The biggest challenge

The biggest challenge by far, is to co-ordinate the move with both your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and landline provider. And it’s down to you to do this. It’s especially difficult if there isn’t a BT telephone line installed at your new home, as this is necessary for your broadband ADSL service to be enabled and you need to sort this out before you move.

Should I stay...?

The easiest way to getting broadband set up in your new home is to simply keep your current provider. It makes sense not to switch if you were happy with your broadband service in your old home and you know your ISP has good coverage in your new area. However, if you’re not happy with your existing broadband package it may be worth staying with your ISP, especially if you’re under a contract you won’t have to pay an early contract termination penalty.

You can avoid termination fees if you simply transfer your broadband to a new address. But you might have to sign up for a new contract so do consider this.

... or should I go?

If you’re dissatisfied with the current service you receive, moving home is the ideal time to look at alternative cheaper broadband providers and contracts. And remember, you may be forced to change suppliers if your current ISP doesn’t operate in the area in which your moving to.


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Top Tip


ISPs usually need five working days to cancel a service at your old home and another five to set up the service at your new property. Some broadband providers need more time so give as much notice as possible.


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